Dr. Ted had me on his podcast last month to get my thoughts on this summer’s movies, particularly my top ten list which we revisited after Dr. Ted shared his thoughts on some recent video games and we exchanged our views on the Tragically Hip’s final concert. I chime in around the twelve minute mark and talk about the movies that were busts, bombs, successes and even a few that didn’t make onto my list back in May but probably should have.


The Oscars, The Shaynies And More . . .

I’m a little rough around the edges, but many thanks to Dr. Ted Lougheed who had me on his Podcast last week to talk about the Oscars, movies from 2015 and Hollywood’s diversity problem. We start with a quick examination of the Oscars, talk about some of my faves and then wrap the show up talking about Hollywood’s addiction to whitewashing. Check put the link and Thanks again Dr. Ted.