Why I Couldn’t Vote Conservative

I’ve been asked a lot in the past two weeks how I’ve felt about the outcome of last month’s election. I have been asked who I voted for and have taken some flak for my neutrality during the campaign. Every time I’ve injected myself into a debate (argument) as the potential voice of reason, I take hits from both sides of the political spectrum. But now that the dust has settled and Justin Trudeau has been sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and all the temper tantrums about both his victory and his choice of cabinet are over, I think I can safely explain why I couldn’t vote Conservative.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Couldn’t Vote Conservative

  1. Gary B says:

    Nice to see you getting a voice at another larger web page.
    I have always enjoyed your columns , you are a true journalist, which are an endangered species , sorry to say!
    I myself found myself vote left on center when younger.
    Remember when you are young if you are not liberal you have no heart. When you are old if you are not conservative you have no brain. Good Luck on your new Post.

  2. ottawaedge says:

    Thanks Gary. We’l see how the new gig works out but I still have some plans/hopes for this little corner come the new year. I’ve actually always considered myself more of a storyteller then a journalist, and the first rule I was taught about storytelling was “be honest and true to the tale.” I hope I’m succeeding.

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