Oh Justin, Justin, Justin.

No sooner had I called out right wing wackjob and Sun Media “editorialist” Ezra Levant for being a juvenile ass hat and insulting your family (including your late father) then you turn right around and make a juvenile remark about Canada’s potential involvement in the international coalition against ISIS/ISIL in the growing powder keg that is the Middle East. Yep, this is what we in the sarcasm business refer to as a face palm moment.

The Honourable Mr. Trudeau made the remark in question last Thursday in front of a Parliamentary audience while criticizing the Harper government’s plan to dispatch Canadian fighter jets to the military quagmire that is Iraq (and to a lesser degree Syria). Trudeau Jr. referred to the Conservatives’ plan as “just trying to whip out their CF-18s and show how big they are.” Yes, to sum up, Justin Trudeau, leader of the federal Liberal Party and an eventual candidate for the Office of Canadian Prime Minister, compared contributing to a dangerous and lethal international military operation to a penis-measuring contest.


So let’s approach this from another angle shall we Justin? ISIS or ISIL (their acronym themed name changes daily) is a terrorist organization that was too extreme for Al-Qaeda. Y’know, the guys who, in their infancy mind you, threw the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan at the height of the Communist empire’s might and have held the American juggernaut of a military machine to a stalemate for over a dozen years, yeah ISIS was too out there for those guys. And ISIS isn’t exactly a collection of pushovers, no matter what we would like to think or what our leaders tell us. This is a collection of radical barbarians who are well organized, well lead, very well equipped (most of their weapons still have their Made in U.S.A. stickers), well trained, battle hardened and is arguably the most well financed terrorist organization in the world, collecting up to three million dollars a day through heinous and nefarious criminal activities. Al-Qaeda doesn’t just find these guys extreme, but there are plenty who will tell you that Osama Bin Laden’s old crew are just as afraid of ISIS as anyone else. And they are just itching for a fight. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, these guys are goading the rest of the world into a fight with a smile on their faces. And you’re making dick jokes about sending Canadians to fight them?

Sigh. Really Justin?

You see Justin; this isn’t just about ISIS, though that should be scary enough. Canada is weary of sending its sons and daughters to fight and bleed and die in foreign lands. We gave more then our fair share of blood and treasure in Afghanistan, fighting in a war that is increasingly looking like it was fought for nothing. I’m not saying we shouldn’t join the fight against ISIS, I’m not qualified to make that assertion right now, but what Canadians want, what they need, is intelligent, reasoned debate on how heavy a cost we will pay for getting involved in this war (because make no mistake, a war is what it will be if the West and its allies want to achieve their goal of destroying ISIS, and it will be long and bloody) and what you’re giving them instead is low brow, South Park locker room fare. In a little over a year you’re going to be asking Canadians to vote for you to lead this country, and there’s a very good chance Canadian soldiers will still be risking their lives in what was once Iraq and could be anything at that point. Will you sound like you haven’t graduated high school then too?

Make no mistake Justin, if this was about tax beaks or deficits or any of a thousand other things, I’d enjoy a chuckle or two right along with you. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good phallic joke at the expense of a stodgy government every now and then? But these are soldiers lives Justin, and if you’re neither smart enough nor mature enough to understand the difference, the significance, then why should I or anyone else vote for you next year? So far, your brand has proven immune to the Conservative strategy of pre-emptive attack ads and thinly veiled smear campaigns that effectively neutered your predecessors before they even made it to their respective elections, yet you seem happy to provide your eventual opponents with bullets to use against you when Canadians head to the polls in twelve short months. Because make no mistake Justin, when the first Canadian falls in this fight (and I fear there will be more then one, another reason for a grown up discussion on this issue), your enemies and detractors will make sure this wretched little joke comes back to haunt you. And unlike when Sun Media slandered you and your family, I and many others, will let silence defend you.

Shayne Kempton

One thought on “WHIPPING BOY

  1. Gary B. says:

    Good column Shayne, I worry what Justin would be like on the world stage if he were our PM. I still think that Canadians want a change, and someone pretty and famous for what I don’t know, may well be the next PM.

    Gary B.

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